Regular Tours

The Lisbon Boat Party was created for the enjoyment of individual travelers. The tours are run regularly every week during the summer season. Although it is not mandatory for individual travelers to reserve their place, we strongly advise doing so on-line while we still have availability.

If you would like to hire a private charter, you can contact us to schedule a private tour which is the only way to guarantee your group will travel together in a private boat.


Regarding our boat tours your ticket and booking confirmation will be sent to you by email upon successful completion of your order. If for any reason, you do not receive this mail, you are asked to contact us as it may mean that your order has not been successfully processed. Please bring your ticket either in paper or in digital version along with a valid photo ID before you start your tour.

If you do not have access to a smart phone or printer, please pay at the start point instead of booking online. In case you are unable to make proof that you reserved online you will be required to pay again for the tour.The tour ticket includes the guide(s), and may include transportation costs when specifically indicated. Food, drinks, incidentals, bathrooms, and anything else not specifically included in the tour price is not included.


2.1 Lisbon Boat Party RESPONSIBILITY

We work very hard to make sure that all our tours run as scheduled and reach the highest level of customer satisfaction. If a tour is cancelled, and it is the fault of Lisbon Boat Party we will fully refund your reservation. Please note that our regular boat parties have a minimum number of bookings in order to operate. If this number (that you can find on each tours’ description respectively) is not reached and the tour is cancelled, you are entitled to rebook for another available date or get a full refund. This offer cannot be used in any other way and will not be cashed in or given to a third party.

In the situation you are not able to attend your tour and need to cancel a tour booking letting us know at least 7 days before your regular experience, we will cancel your ticket and credit you 50% of the purchase price towards the purchase of an additional future tour. 

In the case of a private boat charter the number of dates for changing the reservation is 30 days in advance.

We have a no refund policy, unless we are at fault for the cancellation of your tour.

Lisbon Boat Party might cancel without previous warning an event due to external reasons, under these circumstances Lisbon Boat Party assumes the liability of refunding the full value of the ticket purchased


We may not be held responsible should we be unable to offer a tour due to Acts of God, (tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic dust clouds, extreme weather, etc.).

2.2 After clubbing

Here are the dress code rules for the afterparty, do not use: tank tops, sports clothes, swim shorts and flip flops.

In situations where you are not allowed entrance to a venue from a third party (i.e. Club) for reasons not specified on the tour you shall not receive refund. 

Denial of entrance refund does not include reasons of intoxication which is up to the discretion of the security manager of the clubs or bars.

All participants are responsible for their own safety and well-being during the event. Lisbon Boat Party will do its best to ensure that participants safely attend a variety of localities and venues within Lisbon. However, Lisbon Boat Party events cannot mitigate every eventuality and as such, Lisbon Boat Party events involve an element of possible risk. All participants acknowledge these risks and attend events of their own accord and solely at their own risk;

Lisbon Boat Party events include opportunities for participants to consume alcohol at their own discretion. The Lisbon Boat Party urges all participants to drink responsibly and cannot accept any responsibility or liability if participants drink excessively, resulting in damages, ill health, injury or death;

All participants should be aware of their own physical or mental limitations before attending an event. People with medical conditions or who are pregnant are strongly advised not to participate Lisbon Boat Party events and must inform Lisbon Boat Party of the full nature of their condition before participating;

All Lisbon Boat Party participants must be 18 years or older. Only official identification will be accepted as proof of age and includes: Passports, driver licences, proof of age (18 plus) cards, etc. Unacceptable identification includes photocopies, student cards and other non-government issued identification;

All tickets must be purchased before you may participate in Lisbon Boat Party events. Tickets purchased from distributors (hostels, accommodation providers, online sales, etc.) will be redeemed for a wristband and a ticket at the starting point;

You may not change or cancel tickets after purchase with any distributor. Direct sales made with The Lisbon Boat Party may be refunded or another ticket provided at Lisbon Boat Party’s discretion;

Lisbon Boat Party reserves the right to cancel a tour at our discretion and for any reason. In the event of a cancellation, Lisbon Boat Party will try to contact distributors and clients as quickly as possible and will refund or replace tickets where appropriate;

Lisbon Boat Party reserves the right to change or modify tours without notice, including changing or altering venues and routes. In the event of a change, Lisbon Boat Party will endeavour to substitute comparable venues, but accepts no liability for changes;

Lisbon Boat Party accepts no liability for participants’ behaviour and reserves the right to refuse entry or remove from events anyone who is drunk, disorderly, aggressive, abusive or anti-social. In the event of refusal or removal, Lisbon Boat Party will not refund ticket prices or cover any additional costs incurred by participants as a result;

 The participant agrees to indemnify Lisbon Boat Party (its employees, directors, suppliers, agents, distributors, representatives, etc.) against any third party claims as a result of the participant’s behaviour and actions. Any damages or loss caused by a participant is solely the participant’s responsibility;

All venues (including bars and clubs), attended by Lisbon Boat Party reserve the right to refuse entry or remove participants from venues for any reason including being drunk, disorderly, aggressive, abusive or anti-social behaviour. Lisbon Boat Party accepts no liability in the event of refusal or removal and will not refund ticket prices in such an event;

Lisbon Boat Party holds the right to use photos, images, videos and quotes of participants as promotional material in Lisbon Boat Party’s website, posters, flyers and facebook page;

Until 2 working days prior to the tour – we can change the date of the ticket free of charge. Cancelations are not allowed. For any ticket not used after the pub crawl date or prior the 2 working days notice, there aren’t any changes available.


Participation in any Lisbon Boat Party tour, event or activity is strictly voluntary and both your freelance guide and Lisbon Boat Party reserve the right to deny participation to anybody for any reason at any time.

As in all human endeavours, there is a level of risk*. We do our best to keep the risk to a minimum. Lisbon Boat Party, its contractors, partners and employees assume no liability or responsibility for any injury, loss, damage or inconvenience sustained by any person using its services, nor to their property.

*Please note that to minimize health risks, all of our Tour groups are limited to 10 people/guide. All Lisbon Boat Party tours do comply with the latest COVID-19 policies of W.H.O. We are certified by Turismo de Portugal Safe and Clean Stamp. We supply all of our guides with protective equipment for coronavirus (COVID-19). This equipment is also available to our clients for purchase. See all measures taken here.


Lisbon Boat Party reserves te right to use your personal information for marketing, promotion and research purposes but will never sell your personal information to any third party.


Credit Card payments are processed by WordPress and Stripe acting as an authorised agent of Lisbon Boat Party from Lapis Ligeiro Unipessoal Lda,. When booking online you will be booking a tour using our ticket agent.


By booking any activity or trip by Lisbon Boat Party, you declare that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions, and no exceptions to the terms and conditions will be applied nor given.

 2.5.1 Liability

Lisbon Boat Party is not responsible for illness, damage caused, lost items, or injuries during or after our events. If a participant causes any damage to other person’s property or themselves, the customer is responsible for paying the damages.

2.5.2 Bookings

When a member makes a reservation/booking, they are obligated to fill out an online form in which they indicate which trip or event they will be participating in, along with the date of that event or trip. It is the responsibility of the participant to enter the correct information in the online form.

If a participant misses, is forced to cancel, or is refused on a trip or event due to an error on the date or any other information entered in the online form, the Cancellation Policy of the Lisbon Boat Party will be enforced and no exceptions will be given.

2.5.3 Trip/Event Cancellation Policy

Lisbon Boat Party is not responsible for nor will give refunds for any trip cancellations due to illness, strikes, acts of terrorism, poor weather conditions, war, or any sudden, uncontrolled events.

Lisbon Boat Party is not responsible for nor will give a refund if a member should not show up on the day of the trip, whether it be due to sudden illness, error in entering date in the online form, poor weather conditions, war, acts of terrorism, strikes, or any other uncontrolled events.

All members must notify in writing or via email if they want to cancel a trip or event.

2.6 Lisbon Boat Party /Event Cancellation/Date Change Policy

If Lisbon Boat Party must change the date of an event for whatever reason, the event will be scheduled for a later date FREE of charge. If a participant who previously booked for that event cannot attend on the new date, they will receive a 100% refund as long as they notify Lisbon Boat Party Staff within 72 hours of the cancellation notification and present the receipt given on the purchase of the event/trip (in case the event or trip were paid by card, participants need to present that receipt also). If Lisbon Boat Party receives no notification from the participant, they are automatically assumed willing and able to attend the new date and the regular cancellation policy will be applied to the new date.

2.7 Reimbursement of trips cancelled by Lisbon Boat Party

Refunds must be collected within 1 week of refund confirmation by Lisbon Boat Party management. After that, the refund will be cancelled and no exceptions will be given.

2.8 Changes in Itinerary

Itinerary is subject to change at any moment on the trips or during the events if unavoidable or beyond our control. Changes may include, but are not limited to, delays in transportation due to poor weather or traffic, changes in hotel by tour operator, changes by the bus company or changes in order of visits and tours.

 2.9 Personal Travel

Lisbon Boat Party is not responsible for personal travel not included in our combined trips such as connections to origin cities. Lisbon Boat Party is not responsible for, nor will refund, any costs of personal travel due to the aforementioned itinerary changes that may occur on our trips or events, or for any other reason.

2.10 Accommodation

Accommodation on combined overnight trips will be in a variation of double/triple/quadruple or higher occupancy. Sharing double beds may be necessary. A supplement charge will be applied for individual rooms and in some cases double rooms depending on the trip. Supplement charges vary.

If a traveller books a trip alone and prefers to stay with another participant in order to avoid the supplement charge, we will try our best to place that traveller in a room with others, however, it is not guaranteed, and in the case that we cannot, that participant is obligated to pay the supplement charge for an individual room. That participant will not be allowed on the trip until the supplement has been paid and the cancellation policy will be applied if they decide to cancel.

2.10.1 Special Requests

Lisbon Boat Party will always do its best to accommodate special requests such as rooming, bus numbers, special meals, etc. However, special requests are not guaranteed at any moment.

2.11 Promotions and Sale Offers

Promotions and sales are launched within certain date periods and are only available for Lisbon Boat Party members. The special promotion prices will not be available before nor after the start and end date stated. If there is no end date stated, the promotion will expire one month after the launch date.

Multiple Trip Promotions are promotions where the participant receives discounts for booking multiple trips. If a cancelation is made for one or more of the trips originally purchased in a multiple trip promotion, the refund will be cost of the trip minus the amount saved with the discount.

2.1. In order to receive the discount for the Multiple Trip Promos, trips must be purchased the same day or within 7 days of each other unless stated otherwise by Lisbon Boat Party Management. If the activity or trip is purchased outside of sale/promo period, no discount will be given.

2.12 Taxes

All taxes are included in base price of all trips and events.

3.1 Photography

Lisbon Boat Party usually hires photographers to take pictures of our events and parties, holding the rights to all pictures taken during our events. By participating in our events you are waiving all rights regarding the usage of these pictures. The same pictures can be posted online on our website or facebook page and can be used for the production of promotional material of the association.

If you have any questions, please, contact info@lisbonboatparty.com


Any questions? Talk to our captain André!